Sex Addiction Therapy In Katy

Sex Addiction Therapy In Katy, Texas

REID Counseling Group provides sex addiction therapy in the Katy area to those that are afflicted by it. Lead counselor, Dan Johnson, will teach you to work through (or your partner’s) struggles. Sex addiction is not something inevitable but a condition that you can work to resolve with the right strategy and approach. With REID Counseling's help, you can work in a friendly and safe environment to address the core issues that are afflicting your family and relationship and build a better future. Contact us here.

Dealing With Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a tricky issue to approach because of how our society approaches sex. Researchers believe that sex addiction may be more prevalent today than in the past because of the sheer availability of sexually explicit material over the internet, with porn addiction becoming more mainstream. Many people develop sex addiction issues in their teenage years that continue to affect their lives as adults.

Sex addiction is often described as a victimless behavior (other than the person that it affects), but there’s no doubt that it can have serious knock-on effects on a person’s family life and relationships. When there are children involved, the imperative to deal with sex addiction is even greater. When possible, it is of course better to keep the family together than for the couple to go their separate ways.

Sex addiction treatment is essential for improving both the life of the addict, their partner and the people around them. While sex can be an enjoyable and exciting experience, it can sometimes become too dominant or present, negatively affecting a person's life.

Signs That A Person Might Need Sex Addiction Therapy

Recognizing that you might need sex addiction therapy is an essential step along the path to recovery. But knowing whether you have a dependency or not isn’t always clear, especially when the issue isn't always discussed openly.

What Are The Effects Of Sex Addiction On The Brain?

There is a very wide range of sexual behavior that could be indicative of addiction, including things like exhibitionism, compulsive sexual relationships, compulsive masturbation, pornography, incest, rape, child molesting, violence, and voyeurism. He pointed out that there is no one type of sexual behavior that indicates sex addition, but rather a wide range of possible outlets.

Sex addiction can also manifest itself in a variety of warning signs. Either you or a person you know might encounter the following:

  • Long absences. People with sexual addictions can often disappear for long periods with little or no excuse for where they have been.
  • Loss of efficiency. Sexual addictions can be overwhelming and cause a person to neglect their work or fail to complete projects on time.
  • Sudden changes in mood. Sex addicts can experience wild gyrations in mood, sometimes feeling elated, and other times feeling overwhelmingly depressed, especially if they cannot get the desired sexual experiences.
  • Family history. Many people with sex addiction have a family history of the condition.
  • Evidence of sexual activity. Partners of sex addicts might find things like pornographic materials of calls to sex chat hotlines. In some cases they may also have contracted sexually transmitted infections.
  • Other compulsive behaviors. Sex addicts may have a history of other compulsive behaviors, including gambling, excessive consumption of food, and drug and alcohol abuse.

What Happens During Sex Addiction Therapy?

One of the main objectives of sex addiction therapy is to help the person suffering from sex addiction gain an authentic appreciation of the effects of their actions on others.

Many sex addiction patients are adept at rationalizing their behavior and finding excuses for it. The actions of the patient may not seem “bad” at all from their perspective. They may even claim that what they are doing is healthy.

Some known psychologists, like Robert Weiss, suggest that the best solution is to provide them with honest feedback from others, sometimes in the form of a support group. Addicts aren’t always fully able to explain or admit to the full range of emotions that they experience. Therapy, therefore, is a chance for them to let them explore their feelings and deal with issues such as anger, pain, depression, grief, and guilt that might be driving the problematic behavior.

The Effects Of Sex Addiction

The effects of sex addiction can be catastrophic. First, there are direct biological effects that can result from sexual activity. Women run the risk of becoming pregnant, and both fathers and mothers have a responsibility towards the child. There’s also the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Data suggests that around 38 percent of men and 45 percent of women with sex addiction also carry venereal disease.

The other knock-on effects of sex addiction can be even more insidious. The worst effect for many people is the decline in the quality of their relationship with a spouse. When a partner is addicted to some form of sexual activity, it detracts from genuine intimacy between spouses and can get in the way of regular social and family engagements.

Sex addiction, as we’ve discussed, can also have a profound effect on a person’s ability to do well at work. Sex addicts often have lower productivity and find it challenging to focus on the task in front of them.

Sex addiction can lead to secondary complications. What begins as a sexual compulsion can transform into guilt, depression & anxiety, substance abuse, and problems with regulating emotions. Many people experience profound feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt, and emotional distress. Furthermore, partners often experience the byproducts of sex addiction, even if they can’t detect the actual behaviors themselves. It can be a traumatic time that only becomes more difficult to manage emotionally when the truth finally reveals itself.

Why It Helps To Include A Partner In Sex Addiction Therapy

It's not uncommon for sex addiction therapy often involves the participation of the addict’s significant other. Usually, a partner will approach a sex addiction therapist in a moment of need, wanting to know whether there is anything that can be done to help curb the addiction and restore healthy sexual function.

Because of this, sex addiction therapy and marriage counseling often come hand in hand.

Part of the role of addiction therapy, therefore, is to help partners process some of the emotions that they are experiencing, too - such as anxiety, trauma, grief, and depression - and communicate those to the addict.

Working with spouses and other positive people in your life helps to make recovery from addiction a team effort. The more that the person struggling can express their needs, the better they can be understood, and the higher the motivation for a change in behavior. This leads us into the next section...

Partner Sensitive or Trauma Based Partner Therapy

One of the most effective approaches to sex addiction therapy is to work with a significant other, if they are present. Often partners of a person with sex addiction don’t have a full understanding of the details of the condition and need help appreciating what is going on. The more knowledge that a partner has, the better they can understand and come to terms with sex addiction.

What’s more, partner sensitive therapy aims to help relieve the isolation that the partner likely feels. Being alone and having to deal with a significant other who has a sexual addiction can be traumatic. The purpose of trauma sensitive therapy is to provide the emotional tools that partners need to help them manage sex addiction and restore balance and normality. This can help mend relationships, gain mutual understanding, and grow stonger as a couple.

It's important to keep these trends going inside and outside of therapy. In addition, partners of people with sex addiction need the support and affirmation of others in their social circle, including friends, close family, and religious authorities.

Our Approach

At REID Counseling Group, we support a variety of sex addiction programs, each designed to help people dealing with sex addiction issues. The purpose is to help individuals work through the fundamental causes of their addictions and find sustainable solutions. Dan Johnson supports the 12 Step Program from Sexaholics Anonymous, The Conquer Series, 7 Pillars, Genesis Project, and many others. Each of these programs offers individuals a chance to escape their addictions and restore their sanity.

Take Your Life Back

If you or a person you know has a sex addiction, it can feel like life is getting out of control. If you’d like help to regain control and move your relationships in the right direction, then call REID Counselling today at (281) 968-9119. We are a friendly, non-judgemental counseling service designed to enable you to approach and tackle even the most challenging of issues.

About Sex Addiction...

Sex addiction is usually misunderstood. It is defined by sexual behaviours that are destructive and can have a huge impact on your life, as well as those around you.

Also sometimes referred to as, 'compulsive sexual behaviour' or 'hypersexual disorder', sex addiction may be the urge to engage in sex related behavours regardless of how that impacts your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

While having sexual desires is a healthy part of life, sex addiction means that the urges are becoming overwhelming, and that your actions are destructive and affecting your life negatively. Specialised programmes are out there that can help men and women regain control over their urges, thoughts and actions.

What Are The Symptoms of Sex Addiction?

The following are symptoms of sex addiction...

  • Chronic, obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Compulsive relations with multiple partners, including strangers
  • Lying and secretive behaviour
  • A preoccupation with having sex regardless of the fact ot may interfere with your productivity, work performance, and life in general
  • Putting others in danger because of your sexual behaviour
  • preoccupation with having sex, even when it interferes with daily life, productivity, work performance, and so on
  • Feeling unable to stop or control yourself
  • Feeling shame and guilt

Rehab is often the last place people think of going when they have issues with sex, but sex addiction recovery is more likely to be successful with proper treatment and support.

How Do Addictions Affect You And Other Around You?

Addictions do not just affect you. They also affect others around you. The strain of your addictions can damage your work life and relationships in devastating ways. The people who love and care about you are particularly affected when you are struggling with addiction. Seeking proper treatment for your addiction will ensure that your relationships do not become damaged beyond repair and that you have a support system once you are free from the hold of addiction.

There's Still Hope - REID Can Help

If you are suffering from one of the addictions above or you are noticing more and more symptoms, there is hope for you. REID can help you to free yourself from the chains of addiction and become the best version of yourself once more.

Dan Johnson is a certified LPC-S (or licensed professional counselor supervisor) who runs REID Counseling Group, based out of Katy, Texas. He helps addicts recover using a 12 step program modeled after alcoholics anonymous. Faith is a huge focus of the treatment, and the clinic is biblically based. As well as effective treatment for addictions, the clinic offers clinically competent counseling for Marriage, Families and Individuals. The entire family can be included in your treatment to ensure that your relationship with your loved ones is mended and strengthened, and that there is no lasting resentment or things left unsaid.

The 12 step program modelled on AA has been proven time and time again to be effective at treating addictions, and this is what you can expect at REID in Katy, TX.

More About Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson holds a Master of Education, Counseling degree from the University of Houston. He is an active member of the American Counseling Association, American Association of Christian Counselors, and Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

As Dan has a passion for marriages, he is well known for his work with couples, whether first marriages or remarried step families in Texas, West Houston. He works particularly well with marriages in crisis providing clear insight, appropriate options, and a vision that encourages forward momentum.

Dan also worked in ministry for 16 years, where he counseled and coached not only couples, but families, groups, individuals and adolescents. He has encountered people with all kinds of issues, from spiritual issues to depression and anxiety. In 2009, he received his professional license and has spent almost 20 years working with people providing his invaluable insight and guidance.

The service here at reid REID Counseling Group is unlike any other, and can help people from all backgrounds beat sex addiction once and for all.